McLaren Car Care - Ceramic Rain Repellant 500ml

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McLaren Ceramic Rain Repellent can be applied all glass or Perspex surfaces.

Using ceramic hydrophobic technology water beads even at low speeds – making driving safer and reducing the need for your wiper blades. It also causes coated glass surfaces to stay cleaner for longer and any contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings and ice will be easier to clean.

How to use ceramic rain repellent on your car

Step 1 - Ensure glass surfaces are clean before use.

Step 2 - Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Step 3 - Ready to use. Do not dilute.

Step 4 - Either spray directly on to the glass surface or on top an application pad.

Step 5 - Spread all over the glass surface evenly.

Step 6 - Leave the coating to cure for between 10 and 15 minutes at room temperature.

Step 7 - Remove residue using a micro fibre cloth.

Step 8 - Allow a minimum of 2 hours before exposing to water / rain following application.